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"Kelly was a godsend when I needed someone to step in and help my father who had gone down hill fairly quickly. Although I had never met her, she reassured me on the phone initially and then started the next day, being a calm rock as I fell apart! She encouraged me to do all the right things and though dad ended up in hospital, I would not have acted rationally without her help. Dad is now on the mend and was really taken with Kelly. Besides being adamant he did not need anyone, he took to her very quickly! A no nonsense, caring, responsible person at the helm of the company, I would definitely recommend her / them if you need help with a difficult situation. Three word sum up would be: Above and Beyond!"
- Sue D, Bristol

"The lady that comes and helps me is absolutely amazing. I look forward to her coming each week. She does what I ask and gets on with it and leaves my place looking new again. I wouldn't be without her now"
- Anne G, Mangotsfield

"I am very pleased and satisfied with the help I receive from my carer. My carer is lovely and helps me with the cleaning jobs I can't do. I love the fact that she's very nice and friendly too, as we have a chat whilst she cleans, so it's company also for me."
- Jill C, Kingswood

"My carer is very good. I have a cleaning service fortnightly which is what I wanted. My cleaning is completed to a high standard and she is reliable and always on time. I enjoy her company and we have a laugh. She makes me feel very comfortable in my own home. Highly recommended."
- Phil A, Filton

"I was worried after my stroke that I wouldn't be able to keep my little Yorkie dog, Ralph as I couldn't walk him or give him the attention and exercise he needs. My lady is brilliant and my Ralph loves her. I am so relieved that I am able to keep my dog as I would have been devastated if I could not have kept him. I am so grateful for this service"
- Beatrice R, Downend

Call: 07407 035 506

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